KOKU Reward Token

Koku of Rice ($KOKU)
In Samurai Legends, the $KOKU token will serve as the primary in-game currency. Generated from farms on lands, $KOKU is quickly distributed to Daimyos and the Shogun through taxes and as wages to hired players who help to work the land.
$KOKU can be used as a currency to trade for other items or hire certain units. Through taxes, a good Daimyo will fund a Rice Trader in the Province Capitol to allow players to trade in products and resources for their $KOKU equivalent. In addition to economic value, rice is also needed to feed Warbands and Logistical Units as they travel across the land.
A new player can earn $KOKU through completing certain quests or fulfilling bounties. These bounties are specific jobs posted by Samurai Commanders, land owners, or Daimyo which may involve things like working on land, patrolling roads, or transporting goods.
$KOKU is tradeable with $SMG in a liquidity pool. In this way, players can withdraw their $KOKU from Samurai Legends to exchange for other tokens, or more $KOKU can be purchased and brought back into the metaverse economy. $KOKU is a semi-stable currency, as a trading algorithm will regularly balance the liquidity pool to keep its price within an acceptable range. This will stabilize prices of in-game features, so players will not have to worry about volatility.

Koku of Rice ($KOKU)

  • Secondary play-to-earn game rewards token
  • Used for trading resources
  • Used for in-game items, upgrades, customization, progression, and more
  • Tradeable through a liquidity pair with $SMG

Contracts Addresses

Contract Address
BNB Chain
Contract Address
Daikokuten - KOKU Stable System
SMG - KOKU Liquidity Pool