Staking $SMG

Staking is a way of locking your $SMG for a period of time in order to receive additional rewards Each player’s share of the occurring staking rewards will be based on the amount staked by that player with the relation to the total amount staked by all players. In other words:
IndividualReward=TotalReward(IndividualStake/TotalStake)Individual Reward = Total Reward *(Individual Stake/Total Stake)
Staking rewards will consist of 2 parts:
  • $SMG token rewards
  • NFT airdrops

$SMG Token Rewards

Over a two year period, a total of 42,000,000 $SMG - 7% of the maximum supply - will be distributed as staking rewards. The $SMG rewards will decrease each quarter while NFT rewards increase, as detailed in the table below.
Additional token rewards after the first two years are possible if allocated from the treasury by the community.

NFT Airdrops

In addition to $SMG token rewards, NFTs will regularly be airdropped to stakers. These airdrops will continue beyond the two years of $SMG rewards, which will continue to make staking a profitable experience.
The NFT airdrops are lotteries, with an individual's chance of winning increased based on amount and time staked. The NFT rewards themselves will also be of differing rarity and value.
When removing $SMG from a stake, the tokens are not immediately made available. The tokens will be released 25% each week, so the total number of tokens will be available after four weeks.