Combat Units

Unique NFTs that will take over the Binance Smart Chain
Currently there are 4 types of combat units available: General, Samurai, Ninja and Monk

The unique characteristics of units

Each unit has a unique name and visual representation. The value of a samurai unit is determined by the scarcity of attributes that it possesses. The image below displays a samurai unit and its respective details page. Takayuki is equipped with a rare back accessory and lower body armor (highlighted in purple). The number of rare items and the presence of rare-category items wielded by a samurai determines its rarity tier. The rarity tier (ranging from I, common to V, rarest) is displayed on the bottom left corner of the NFT. Unit strength is indicated by the numerical value in the bottom right corner and indicates the units in-game advantage. Lastly, each samurai is assigned an elemental icon (wind, earth, water or fire) which is also displayed on the bottom right corner of the NFT.


The Generals are the Genesis NFTs of Samurai Legends. All were fully minted (5000/5000) in less than one month.
General and Samurai units have similar in-game stats and appearance. The difference in appearance is head accessories – helmet and mask. Ultra-rare V generals also have an akita companion. Besides the minor difference in appearance they have some extra benefits and utility, such as providing 50% more games per day.
For an in depth explanation about Combat Units, check this TUTORIAL

NFT Crates

The Mystery Samurai Crate is an NFT that yields a new samurai unit when opened or can be sold on the internal or external marketplace. Every crate is marked with up to 3 stars, highlighting the rarity of samurai units that the crates yield.
Crate stars and rarity drop

Special and Limited Edition Collections

The Special Crate is an NFT that contains a new high-tier combat unit: Monk, Ninja and Samurai Archer.
Limited Edition Crate contains an NFT that has its own mysterious aesthetics and increased collectability. All Limited Edition crates have the same drop rates as 3-star Samurai crates.
Both Limited Edition and Special crates yield a Combat Unit that is playable in Samurai Rising. Each different combat unit will have different abilities and use cases in the Samurai Legends Metaverse. More info can be found HERE

Special Units:

Monk Crate
Ninja Crate
Samurai Archer Crate
Samurai Archer

Limited Edition Collections:

Divine Crate
Divine Samurai
Corrupt Crate
Corrupt Samurai
Kunoichi Crate
Kunoichi Ninja
Malevolent Crate
Malevolent Monk
Onna-musha Crate
Onna-musha Archer