Samurai Lands

Land NFTs

Land NFT crates are available to mint and can be found HERE. Each crate contains a single Land NFT located on the island of Kyushu. During the initial sale, players can purchase plots of land in coast, mountain or hill biomes.
The initial Land NFT sale includes 4500/5000 plots on Kyushu:
  • 2000 Hill Land Crates
  • 1500 Mountain Land Crates
  • 1000 Coast Land Crates
The remaining 500 plots will be used for promotional purposes.
Note: pricing is in $KOKU for Hill and Mountain Land Crates and in $BNB for Coast Land Crates
Future land sales will include the islands of Shikoku (3000 plots) and Hokkaido (8000 plots), while the larger island of Honshu will be constantly fought over and will not have permanent ownership.
Land NFTs will open up new avenues for earning passive income while increasing player choice and strategy. Each biome accumulates resources at different rates that will be used to construct buildings and new types of Samurai Legends battle cards. Buildings themselves will be used to create new cards as well as upgrade existing ones. Players are able to trade Land NFTs, including everything they contain - resources and buildings.