The vast features of the Samurai Legends metaverse will come out in phases, so stay up to date on upcoming releases.

PHASE I - Warriors & Craftsmen

  • New classes of Warrior NFTs
  • Worker & Artisan unit NFTs
  • New buildings and resources
  • Item crafting system
  • Minor tasks and quests

PHASE II - Exploration & Trade

  • Interactive map of Japan
  • Player unit and ranking system
  • Traveling and trading
  • DAO for outer provinces
  • New unit recruitment system

PHASE III - Strategy & Questing

  • Major transition to strategy-based PvP
  • Combat encounters and missions
  • PvE questing system

PHASE IV - Politics & War

  • Opening of capital inner province
  • Player controlled warbands
  • PvP quests and bounties
  • Clans with DAO-based functionality
  • Warband item crafting system

PHASE V - Seat of the Shogun

  • Inner and outer province expansion
  • Sieges and land conquests
  • Hans and province politics
  • Seat of the Shogun