Samurai Lands

Build and Earn Passively
Land NFTs are the most recent addition to Samurai Legends' expanding ecosystem. Crates containing Land NFTs are currently available to purchase HERE. These crates contain plots of land situated on the island of Kyushu.
Game Teaser of the first coming features

Resources & Buildings

Land NFTs will provide players a way to generate resources. These resources will play a key role in player strategy as a fundamental part of Samurai Legends ecosystem. Players passively accumulate wood after acquiring plots of land. To extract all available resources from a plot of land, players need to construct buildings to serve this purpose. For example, using wood to build a stone quarry makes harvesting stone possible. As a result, buildings will play a crucial role in determining which resources can be extracted from a plot of land. Buildings stay attached to Land NFTs regardless of the owner, making developed land particularly valuable.
In addition to generating resources, buildings will have a plethora of utilities. For example, certain buildings will allow a player to modify the aesthetics or the power of a Samurai NFT. The new combat units; Monk, Ninja, and Archer will also have their generation tied to specific buildings, such as the dojo to acquire Ninjas. In the metaverse, buildings like the harbor or the trading post will help facilitate the trading of resources and items between locations. Each Land NFT features a set amount of building slots, so decision-making is crucial when strategizing on how to utilize land.
For full explanation of how to purchase and use land, see the TUTORIAL