Scholarship in Samurai Legends is the way to P2E for free
A Scholarship is an agreement between Managers and Scholars. A Manager gives out his Game Account to a Scholar, without having to give access to the wallet and its contents. The Scholar then plays Samurai Rising using the Manager’s in-game assets to earn $KOKU on behalf of the latter. Ideally, a Manager-Scholar arrangement would involve the Manager taking a predetermined cut of the earnings, then giving the rest to his scholar. Considering it is a peer-to-peer agreement between a Manager and a Scholar, there is not much that the team can do to solve conflicts. In these arrangements, make it a point to communicate well, and be clear with terms and expectations.
As the full Samurai Legends game develops, and the base version becomes free-to-play already, the scholarship system will also evolve. A manager with many NFTs will be able to allocate their use to a specific game account through a peer-to-peer Stewardship. Players will also be able to designate NFTs to a specific task through a bounty system, and rewards will be split between the NFT provider and the player who completes the task.
To learn more about the scholarship system check this TUTORIAL